I don’t know if I’m a real gamer or not, but I love gaming. I love everything about high quality games, and learned via the classics on all consoles. I’ve never bragged about high scores or mastery at certain characters or levels, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I recall every aspect of playing being a part of that enjoyment. The costumes, the game play, the easter eggs, the graphics, the challenge, the creativity, and how original it was, all being different components that factored into the whole.

With a year’s worth of curriculum, much like a video game level, all…

As a teacher, I always sent the same message to my students that I do to my staff — make sure to find the time to balance your life out, because you can only work as hard as your body and mind will enable you the ability to do so.

For example:
We know we can’t play for a living, at least, not all of us can. Those with the fortune in life to afford them the ability to play without work — awesome. For the rest of us in the real world — we know we can’t play without needing…

What does it mean to assess? I have written about the shift in focus from the product to the process, and I thought it was time to break down what the process could look like and how we can measure it.

Varied assessments are a must.

Varied means a choice of several. Here are a list of what ‘varied’ could include when used:

  • Acting
  • Drawing or Painting
  • Film, Podcast, Media Display
  • Presentation of slides
  • Essay
  • Experiment
  • Build
  • Design
  • Solve or Attempt to Solve a problem or Issue
  • Demonstrate in some way

The process of creating, thinking, researching, the skills to…

If you stare into a blank field over the vastness of empty and untouched hills and plains of the US, you can’t help but to imagine what could be in existence at some point, some day years from now. If you considered education reform in the same regard, what should be one of the first areas of concentration when thinking of where or how to begin?

Let’s begin as Bob Ross would have it, and start with a clean canvas, prepared with some “Liquid white”, as The Joy of Painting showed us weekly, such as the potentials in which a…

Evaluating students without bench marks that we are used to, opens massive doors in education, yet not one of us has gone through and made it anywhere yet.

traveling principal photography

What I mean is, without state assessments in place, we are now having to look at our schools with a new perspective in order to capture learning.

If we consider academic proficiencies, we evaluate the end result of the learning process as a means for measurement. This puts all shapes into the same circular hole. The measurement is incorrectly weighted.

The granular inquiry into subgroups show that trends should be addressed based…

When you consider our current education system, and evaluate the system on a holistic scale, we are close to perfect. The only thing that really prevents any sort of change, is our assessment.

Unfortunately, this is the largest area that could possibly need improvement, and because of that — the United States education system looks so completely disastrous.

Although it’s only one area, it’s the worst and most complicated to amend.

Throw in companies that have billions in the assessment industry, and the results of which are as bias, predictable, inaccurate, and unfair as the tests are themselves. Some companies…

I remember the first time I saw a syllabus in college and it was super overwhelming. My first class, was Business 101 — and when the bloat passed out the packet of paper, I took one, passed it around and dug in only to find the entire course layout, homework assignment, test dates, and readings for the entire semester. It was reading after reading of two different 400 page books, that this idiot wrote, and we had to buy.

one of SUNY’s most beautiful campuses…

I heard that a college syllabus was awesome because the entire course was laid out for you — but to me…

Remember when everyone in the US would ask, how are you using data in your school? I hated that question, because I knew the person asking had no idea how to answer it usually, and that’s because everyone’s answer at their site, is unique. Each school goes down their own path.

choose your own path…

Those “suits” we used to call them, thought they had a universal response, which there does exist — but those guys never knew it. I’m sorry, but if you gather formative data, and use it in any way to guide the learning process, you have answered that question correctly.

leaders lead…

If you are a school leader, I have some advice for you so you make good decisions at this crucial time in your school’s existence. This is a collection of recommendations for any leader to consider at this time, and are aimed at helping staff, students, and families make it through this time successfully.

First, ask yourself how are you supporting your staff?

Your staff is your school. They make up your day to day, and enable every success and failure you experience. …

Special Education is one of the most layered aspects of any system. A school needs someone to assess and diagnose student learning discrepancies. Then someone to turn that diagnosis into an educational path in which that student can be accommodated so they can learn more efficiently. Also, someone to work with general education teachers, someone to coordinate meetings with all of the above and a parent/guardian as well as the student, to regularly decipher progress and changes.

Every special education student in the state of California must have at least one of these meetings per year, and can have as…

Joseph Clausi

My name is Joe Clausi, and I have over 20 years of experience in secondary education, on both coasts of the United States, and with all kind of schools.

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